On Hellokpop Playlist: SHINee Makes A Grand Return With “Don’t Call Me”

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SHINee makes hearts go pit-a-pat as they make their mind-blowing return with Don’t Call Me!

After more than two years of waiting, finally, SHINee is back! The group dropped its seventh full album Don’t Call Me on February 22, with nine brand new songs to enjoy.


Many fans highly awaited this comeback, and it is now here to receive its much-deserved love. Among the tracks, fans will be able to find something suited to their taste due to the different vibes of each music number. Moreover, we can definitely feel SHINee’s color even when they are trying out something new.

A Title Track That’s Different Than Anything Before

The title track “Don’t Call Me” is a hip hop based dance number that grabs listeners’ attention with its unique sound and rhythm. The track impresses with its lyrics that speak about being betrayed by love. SHINee’s vocals add to the immersion of the song with their outstanding delivery of the hysterical feelings.

The boys tried something new with this piece and they still managed to pull it off perfectly. Not to mention the synergy between the members that is still evident, despite being apart for about two years.

The music video for “Don’t Call Me” does not fall back on its impressions either. Above all, it shows the breathtaking visuals of the members, as well as their intriguing new concept style. Also, the artists delivered an eye-catching choreography throughout the clip.

We can get a little deeper by trying to decipher the signs in the video. During most of the time, they seem to be in a rundown train station, near a ticket booth or a train that passes them by. This can be taken as their way of making a statement that the “train has left” and it is not stopping for that phone call.

Another possible theory is related to their mood sampler, “Fake Reality”, which dropped at the beginning of their comeback countdown. Perhaps the person is trying to lead the boys to them with the train ticket or the ladder. However, the artists show their determination and state of my mind by breaking that fake reality in which their lover lives, thus the rundown train station and the broken ladder.

Most of all, we can all agree that the video is breathtaking in its own way and we all missed seeing SHINee’s work.

A Colorful Album For All Tastes

Aside from the main song of the album, there are eight more musical numbers that deserve our attention. This is a ride we all should take the time to enjoy.

The second track, “Heart Attack”, is a dance pop piece with an impactful bass loop and a funky guitar melody. The lyrics grow on the listener by explaining the overwhelming feelings of love for someone, comparing them to a heart attack.

Following this is the track that SHINee already presented prior to the album’s release, the medium tempo R&B track, “Marry You”. It puts listeners in a daze with the artists’ harmonization and unique vocals.

“CØDE” is a dance track with a futuristic touch and up-beat, dreamy melody lines. It compares a meeting with an intriguing stranger and the wish to know them to the process of deciphering a code.

Then, we go into an energetic melody with “I Really Want You” and its funky pop rhythm. The song is easy to follow and sing along with, recharging a person with its playful and cheerful vibes.

Coming next is another dance pop piece titled “Kiss Kiss”. The song is led by the up-tempo bass line and an electric guitar sound. This is an ear pleasing number that wittily includes the sound of kissing.

Music fans who like songs that make them stand up and dance will most likely enjoy the reggae dance work “Body Rhythm”.  Even the lyrics invite listeners to follow SHINee’s body rhythm. This is one of those tracks that can easily sweep someone off their feet and lead them into a pleasant music trance.

Furthermore, the journey continues with the addictive whistles in “Attention”, which will make an impression in this R&B pop number with a romantic mood and sensuous bass. Adding the members’ beautiful voices, we get a complete song that encourages two people to pay attention to the feelings they have for each other.

The last music number on the album is “Kind”, a slow-tempo pop ballad with gentle acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds. SHINee’s magnificent and emotional vocals create a warm atmosphere that wraps around you like a hug. It is a tender track and a delightful calm way to finish off the group’s new album.

Source & Image credit: SM Entertainment