13 K-Dramas To Watch In April 2024

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Creative Korean dramas with thrilling storylines will be featured in April 2024 K-Dramas!

In case you missed it, Doctor Slump and  Queen of Divorce recently premiered. Correspondingly, My Demon, Welcome To Samdalri, Tell Me That You Love Me, Maestra: Strings of Truth and  Like Flowers in Sand recently concluded with LTNS and A Shop For Killers approaching their final episodes.

Check out the new additions to the current roster of  2024 Korean Dramas below.


Lovely Runner | April 08 | tvN | *NEW

Lovely Runner is based on web novel “Tomorrow’s Best”. It is a time-slip romance series about a passionate fan who despaired over the death of a famous artist.

Scheduled to be broadcast for the first time on April 8, this new tvN series asks the question, “What if you get a chance to save your favorite artist?” Lovely Runner is a time-slip redemption romance that threads on how a passionate fan who was devastated by her favorite artist’ death goes back in time to 2008 to save him.

Nothing Uncovered | KBS2 TV

Scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in March, Nothing Uncovered  features stories of a reporter catching bad guys by the collar and a detective from a violent team chasing after bad guys.

A melodrama chase thriller while tracking a murder case at the same time, it is based on the Naver series of the same name.

The Midnight Studio | ENA

The Midnight Studio is about a prickly photographer and a hot-blooded lawyer at a photo studio specializing in ghost photography that exists only for the dead. It deals with life and death featuring a clientele served at night time.

Wedding Impossible | tvN

In the drama, an unknown actress decides to fake marry her boyfriend to become the first main character in her life. Meanwhile, her prospective brother-in-law strongly opposes this marriage.


Blood Free | April 10 | Disney+ | *NEW

Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo, Blood Free follows a former bodyguard haunted by his past failures.

After diving down a rabbit hole of tangled leads, he finds himself recruited to protect the CEO of a controversial lab-grown meat company who is also a survivor of the fateful attack that changed his life.

Wonderful World | MBC

When a professor’s son is killed without consequence, she will go to extraordinary lengths to exact her revenge in Wonderful World, a new Korean drama coming March 1 to Disney+.

After a successful career that saw Eun Soohyun climb to the top of her field as a professor of psychology and a household name as a writer, she is brought crashing back to earth following the death of her son at the hands of others. Driven into a spiraling depression, Soohyun becomes consumed by one thought – revenge.


Chief Detective 1958 | April 19 | MBC

Chief Detective 1958 is a prequel to Chief Inspector Park, an iconic Korean investigative drama. It is set 10 years earlier and will cover the younger days of detective Park Young-han, Korea’s representative fictional detective who received full support and love from viewers.

Moreover, it threads on how detective Park Young-han and three unique colleagues stand up to ugly crimes and become detectives for the people in the era of atrocity.

Parasyte: The Grey | April 08  | Netflix | *NEW

In the series, Su-in, a young woman caught between her humanity and parasitic influence, embodies this recurring theme of coexistence. As Heidi, the parasite that latched onto Su-in in the aftermath of a near-fatal accident, says, “We would both be dead if we weren’t together. You and I have no choice but to coexist.”

Goodbye Earth | April 26 | Netflix

Goodbye Earth is a work that depicts the story of a world in chaos due to the imminent apocalypse, and the people who live together until the end despite the collision between the Earth and the asteroid.

Starring in the series are Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo Ah In, Jeon Seong Woo, and Kim Yun Hye.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection | SBS

After a shocking Season 1 finale where viewers believed Min Do-hyeok (Lee Joon) met his end, the truth surfaces — he’s alive and hungry for revenge against Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon). 

Season 2 promises an epic showdown between Do-hyeok’s crew and Matthew’s, with Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE) joining as Hwang Chan-seong, a formidable challenger to Matthew. 


Missing Crown Prince | April 13 | MBN

Missing Crown Prince is a creative collaboration between director Kim Jin-man, who worked on classic Korean romantic comedies The Greatest Love and Kill Me, Heal Me, and writers Kim Ji-soo and Park Cheol, who wrote Bossam – Steal The Fate.

The series is a Joseon-set romantic comedy full of twists and turns about a young man kidnapped by his destined wife.

Hide | Coupang Play

Hide tells the story of a woman who, after her husband disappears one day, tracks down the secrets surrounding his disappearance and faces a big truth that is difficult to bear.

Lee Bo Young portrays Na Moon-young, a wife chasing her disappeared husband, and actor Lee Mu Saeng plays Cha Seong-jae, Na Moon-young’s husband and a man who disappeared without warning. Actress Lee Chung Ha suits up as Ha Yeon-ju, Moon-young’s friendly neighbor, and Lee Min Jae plays the role of Do Jin-woo, a mysterious man who holds the key to the secret.

Queen of Tears | tvN

Set in the cutthroat realm of corporate intrigue, Queen of Tears weaves a compelling tale of love, resilience, and evolution, positioning itself as the year’s must-see romance spectacle.

Two people who got married promising eternity but lost their love eventually find their hearts beating for each other again. Attention is focused on whether the relationship between Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in will be able to regain its former temperature.