GOT7’s Mark’s Father Sends Adorable Greeting For JB’s Birthday

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GOT7‘s Mark‘s father is adorable and sweet as he greets his son’s groupmate JB on his birthday last January 6.

Raymond Tuan took to Twitter for his well-wishes to the leader of his son’s group. Accompanying a photo of JB is a birthday cake for the idol. Mark’s father wrote, “JB, a cake for you, light it up for you, blow it out and eat it for you, but make wish yourself”, before ending it with a “Happy Birthday”.

Fans gushed at the sweet gesture, commented “cute” and “sweet”, while others are more emotional, saying, “I’m gonna cry”, with “crying” memes.

Earlier this year, Tuan also sent ‘get well soon’ wishes to JB when the latter suffered from spinal disc pain that caused him to miss some of the group’s schedules.

Mark’s father, fondly called by fans as Papa Tuan, has consistently displayed his affection for GOT7.

In his November 29 post, he bragged about the souvenirs he got from Thailand, which are products endorsed by the group. He also showed his support for the group’s Japanese releases and endorsements through Twitter.

The head of the Tuan family further showcased his affection for GOT7 and JYP by attending the “JYP Nation ‘MIX&MATCH’ in Bangkok”. He also occasionally tweets about other JYP artists including TWICE and Wonder Girls. The Tuan family has even hosted GOT7 in their house in Los Angeles.

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