Ha Sung Woon Thanks Celebrity Friends For Their Participation In Relay Cover Of His Latest Single

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Fans are surely delighted with the stunning and adorable sing in relay cover featuring Ha Sung Woon’s thoughtful circle of friends.

K-Pop soloist Ha Sung Woon has recently showed his gratitude to his loving friends whom have showed support for his newest song “The Story Of December That Came Again”.

Ha Sung Woon

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Just recently, the idol shared a special video via his official Instagram account. Featuring a dream lineup of singers, EXO’s Baekhyun, his former Wanna One members Park Ji Hoon and Ong Seong Wu, SHINee’s Taemin, MONSTA X’s Kihyun, VIXX’s Ken, Heize, Jukjae, Im Han Byul, Jung Seung Hwan, and Lee Soo Geun gamely lent their sweet vocals in the relay cover.

Heartwarming Message To His Friends

Overwhelmingly happy and touched at the same time, Sung Woon then accompanied the post with a heartwarming message to his friends.

“A sincere thank you to my friends who participated in the relay cover. I felt so happy while making the video,” he began.

A Sweet Shout Out

Hoping to show his grateful heart to everyone, he then gave a shoutout to each of the artists who took time to participate in the special cover.

“First, the incredibly loyal Baekhyun hyung, who started it off with his unbelievably beautiful voice, Ji Hoon, who sang the song despite being busy abroad, Jukjae hyung, who sent one video of him playing the guitar and one that showed off his handsome face, Kihyun hyung, who kept filming again because people kept passing by him in the parking lot, adorable Ken hyung with his cute sheep hat, who listened to the song from the start and sent me a long video, passionate Heize noona, who said she really wanted to sing this part and praised the song a lot, Seung Hwan, who really liked the song and said he’d send it to me again after doing the radio at dawn because he thought the previous one was weird, witty singing monster Han Byul hyung, whom I never imagined would film with my photo from the past on his monitor, Ong, who’s always so caring and joyfully participated, warm-hearted angel Taemin hyung, who’s busy performing and rehearsing abroad but always takes care of me and tells me heartwarming things, and finally Soo Geun hyung, who concluded it in a fun way, said he’d look for a wig when I contacted him, and called me to thank me for thinking of him,” he wrote.

Thankful for all the love and support he received, Sung Woon then ended his caption by adding, “I love all of you so much. I’m so happy and grateful to have good people around me. I’ll work harder to live a good life. Please be healthy, and happy new year everyone!”

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