Kevin and Elis’s Newborn Baby

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Apparently, U-Kiss‘s Kevin and Eli have a newborn child. The photo of the ‘baby’ was uploaded via Twitter and it only happened to be a red Angry Bird.

It almost gave netizens a shock when they read the beginning of Kevin’s retweet, but to only see that he named his child, Mr. Angry Bird.

“Our newborn baby…I name him Mr. Angry Bird ^^”

Many netizens immediately commented on the photo on cuteness and Angry Birds.

“OMG you got the red one! The yellow & black ones are the best 8D”

“angry birds!!!! kyahaXD loving it~! ♥♥♥~ ^♥^”

“baby of Elvin? ohoh!! im so in love in Elvin!! =D”

Are you surprised that their baby is a bird?

S: @woong306

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