“Minseok” And “Xiumin” Trend Worldwide Following The Enlistment News Of EXO’s Xiumin

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EXO’s Xiumin will say a temporary goodbye to EXO-L next month as he starts his mandatory military service.

EXO-L are on a roller coaster of emotions these past two days as they see themselves taking in big news from EXO, starting with the boys’ seventh anniversary and photo book launch and now, the military enlistment of Xiumin.

After celebrating another milestone of the boy group on April 8 by trending hashtags #7YearsWithEXO, #7YearsWithEXO_L, and #7ogetherWithEXO, the fan club once again took over worldwide trends on Twitter after the eldest member of the boy group confirmed his enlistment plan.

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The words “Minseok” and “Xiumin” found their way on the trending topics as fans express their emotions about the impending entrance to boot camp of the EXO member on May 7. Despite being fully aware that the singer would most likely join the army this year, fans could not help but remain in denial and feel sad about it.

Twitter user @iDangs_ wrote, “I prepared myself for Minseok’s enlistment since he’s the first member to enlist, but I’m still not ready. It’ll be weird and sad not seeing him on their activities. I’m sad.”

Meanwhile, others comforted their fellow EXO-L, saying two years will get by quick and that Xiumin will definitely do well in the military. They also sent encouraging words to the singer-actor who will be the first member of the boy group to enlist.

“We’ll wait for you, Minseok. And when you return, our love for you would be even bigger,” Twitter user @chankkai wrote, along with a short clip of the EXO member teary-eyed while looking at fans. Another user @imjonginswife wrote, “Minseok, please take care of yourself once you enlist. We are not going anywhere. We will wait for you.”

Fans also tried to make light of the situation. They joked about Xiumin’s disqualification from South Korea’s mandatory military service since he is Chinese.

A Filipino EXO-L even joined in the joke, pointing out the singer-actor announced his enlistment plan on Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) which makes him Filipino and disqualified from service. One fan said it is not possible for him to enter boot camp because he is only eight years old.

Meanwhile, Xiumin is currently in the middle of a concert tour in Japan with Chen and Baekhyun for EXO-CBX.

Additionally, EXO secured a nomination under Top Social Artist in this year’s Billboard Music Awards.