SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Seriously Warns Fan Not To Join Pledis

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SEVENTEEN’s leader was not joking.

SEVENTEEN‘s leader S.Coups warned a fan during a fan signing event last January 21 to not join Pledis Entertainment.

In a fan account posted on Twitter, the fan jokingly told the leader of the group her intention to join Pledis. S.Coups responded, “I’m very serious, okay?” and wrote the characters ㅇㅈㅁ. The fan then asked the idol of the meaning of his writing. S.Coups, according to the fan, said in a “small voice”, “Don’t come.”

Fans who have learned of this have put forth assumptions of the possibility of Pledis’ bad treatment of the idol group. Some fans expressed their worry of the probable story behind S.Coups’ response.

“Oh my god,” was another fan’s reaction to the fan account. “Seungcheol [S.Coups] really told that fan to not join Pledis even when she just said it as a joke,” she added. One fan said it saddened her since the idol’s response may mean that Pledis is not treating its artists properly.

Previous accounts of Pledis staff stealing fans’ gifts from the members of SEVENTEEN had surfaced early December last year. Fans have also took note of Pledis’ attitude towards the members in previous episodes of SEVENTEEN TV where the boys were punished and scolded for speaking in dialect.

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