Cha Seo Won Challenges BL Drama “Unintentional Love Story”

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Unintentional Love Story is a drama based on the popular webtoon of the same name by author 피비.

It has received a lot of love from various generations as well as high loyalty from the core fan base.

Additionally, it is a work that swept online and offline, including winning first place in BL Manga of the Year in the COMIC section of the Mr. Blue 2021 BL Awards.

Threading on an unexpected beginning that leads to unintended romance, the healing love story will be backed up by writer Shin Ji An, who wrote Korea’s first BL drama Where Your Eyes Linger, and Jang Jang Soon of Peach of Time fame.

In the drama, Cha Seo Won portrays Yoon Tae-joon, a genius ceramic artist who disappeared as if he was deleted from that world.

He has a kind heart, contradictory charms and toughness that comes out suddenly.

The actor is recognized for his warm visuals and stable acting skills in the MBC daily drama Second Husband.

Accordingly, he won the Best Actor Award at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards in a Daily Serial Drama.

Upon revealing his daily life in MBC variety show, I Live Alone; he has garnered an impressive following. In addition, in the musical Charmi, he is gaining popularity by showing a high synchronization rate as Oh Jin-hyuk, who combines excellent looks and skills.

Therefore, expectations are high as to what kind of charm Cha Seo Won, who has been loved in various activities will give in challenging the boy love (BL) genre.

Meanwhile, Unintentional Love Story is scheduled to air in the second half of 2022.

Source/Photo: Namoo Actors