“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Mixes Romance, Music & Healing With Go Ara & Lee Jae Wook

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It’s 10 days before the premiere of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol! Let’s take a look at the teasers it has launched so far.

Stories set in a small town invaded by a sweet oddball is always a welcome treat in K-Dramaland – that’s what we’ll be looking forward to Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

Upon announcement, the approaching KBS 2TV series has garnered quite a buzz. Its catchy title also contributes to its recall effect. Netflix has also confirmed its worldwide release.

Welcome to Lala land

Billed as bright romantic comedy, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, traverses a romantic ride between an optimistic pianist and a man who helped her when she hit rock bottom overnight.

She moves to Lala Land, a piano academy in a small rural village. From there, she forges a special bond with her debtor while healing with their own wounds.  Bring sweet exciting moments, expect delightful stories that inspire in this new KBS2 series.

Taking the center stage of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is Go Ara who will suit up for the role of Gu Ra Ra. She is an energetic pianist with limitless optimism who settles to a small town after her life makes a 180-degree turn.

She meets Sun Woo Jun, played by Lee Jae Wook, who becomes her creditor. Living without dreams or hopes, his life also changes when the bubbly pianist creates a connection with him. Opening his wallet subconsciously for her, they get entangled to a special link.


Meet the Supporting Cast

Boasting an impressive lineup of supporting characters, phenomenal character actress Ye Ji Won, veteran actor Lee Soon Jae and rising actress Shin Eun Soo round up the main cast.

Praised for her knack of creating distinct characters, Ye Ji Won takes the role of working mom Jin Suk Kyung, who raises her daughter alone. Shin Eun Soo plays Suk Kyung’s daughter Jin Ha Young. She is also a self-proclaimed fan of Woo Jun.

Revered seasoned actor Lee Soon Jae sets for the role of Kim Man Bok, a grandfather with untold secret. Seo Yi Sook plays the role of Woo-jun’s mother, Jo Yoon Sil. Her rich wallet is not proportionate to the warmth in her heart. Rookie actor Yoon Jong Bin aims to draw chemistry with Ha Young as Lee Seung Gi, a high school student who dreams of becoming a YouTuber.

Completing the cast roster are actors Eom Hyo Seop, Moon Hee Kyung, and Jeon Soo Kyung who portray the roles of Ra Ra’s father, La La land piano teacher and a rich woman in the small town respectively.

do do sol sol la la sol

Creative Team

Expectant viewers are in for a treat since the production team behind Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has quite an endearing reputation. Penning the script is writer Oh Ji Young whose works include the well-concocted My Secret Terrius and Shopping King Louie. Calling the shots of the filming process is Director Kim Min Kyung who co-directed Matrimonial Chaos.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins humming its beautiful melody on August 26 via KBS2 and Netflix.

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