K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Search: WWW” Surprisingly Keeps Its Lingering Presence Going

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In a K-Drama season dominated by hero-centric stories, Im Soo Jung sprees to an engaging portrayal for Search: WWW.

Following an unusual drama landscape, Search: WWW reels faithful following owing to its unpredictable scenarios. Probably because the workplace setting is one that has not been deeply explored just yet.

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Set in the world of strong-willed women powering the top internet web portals of the country, the tvN series delves on their career journey with side love and life stories.

In the premiere week, we met Bae Ta Mi. Her heartbreaking departure from the company, which has seen her grow as as a reliable executive, speaks a lot about how cruel the corporate world can be. That it won’t stop and lend a crying shoulder the moment you fail to keep your bearing.

Search: WWW

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Luckily, Bae Ta Mi finds romance while on a quest to beat her former company. Additionally, growing friendship and self-realization to change her no-marriage stand are slowly making her an even better person.

Keep or Skip It?

Easy to track, the structure of Search: WWW flows to the main heroine’s goal of resolving the betrayal from her previous company Unicon. Through working on its main competitor Barro, she has slowly gained the upper hand. Apart from its main conflict, the series has been touching diligently on the role of internet, particularly trending topics, in the perspectives of the people monitoring issues generating immense online presence.

Adding to that, the lead female cast are showing the skills and maturity befitting of the age range they represent. Lee Da Hee particularly brings the quirks with her off-work image as a drama addict who enjoys physical activities.

Meanwhile, Jeon Hye Jin’s villainess front, that springs from her mom-in-law controlled life, is yet to break out from a shining moment.

Although taking the back seat, the male leads are supporting well the amount of romance that is not too cliche for the taste of its targeted audience. Jang Ki Yong is a gift. Give him another noona-romance drama and it will go well.

Definitely one of the most well-rounded series from the currently airing roster. If you haven’t tuned in yet, make time to explore the web of stories that are yet to unravel.

Search: WWW airs on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.