K-Drama Sneak Peek: “Leverage” Brings Korean Flavor To A Well-Loved American Drama

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TV Chosun stages an explosive array of action, suspense and drama.

Spinning off on a popular American TV drama, Leverage premieres on October 13. Boasting of a stellar cast and solid story line, this is a drama that viewers should watch out for every week.


The Main Plot

Lee Tae-Joon, portrayed by Lee Dong Gun, is an investigator. He specializes in insurance fraud and does his job extremely well. In fact, Tae Joon is known as “The Grim Reaper of Con Artists.” Unfortunately, everything crashes for Tae Joon when something he didn’t expect happens. This changes the course of his life as he leaves the job he worked hard on.


Moving forward, Tae Joon searches for the very same con artists that he captured. With these four criminals, Tae Joon forms his own elite fraud team. They start their own scams where their victims are wealthy criminals. However, they don’t keep the spoils but instead return the money to the victims.


Under the lead of Tae Joon, the four con artists utilize their own talents that once landed them on the wrong side of the law. This time, they bring justice to conned victims. The leader of the pack, Lee Dong Gun, creates an authoritative stance as the scorned investigator. Turning his back on his previous job, Tae Joon decides to take justice into his own hands.


Jeon Hye Bin portrays Hwang Soo Kyung. Fresh from the family drama Liver or Die,  Jeon takes on a different path as one of the con artists recruited by Tae Joon.



Kim Sae Ron takes on a more mature role in Leverage. As Ko Na Beyol, Kim will showcase an even more mature role in the drama. Her role is a more physically demanding one, which sets it apart from her previous works. Fans of the actress will be pleasantly surprised by her transformation.



Similarly, fans are excited for Yeo Hoi Hyeon’s more mature portrayal in Leverage. As the tech-savvy con artist Jung Ui Sung, his character promises to add flavor to the team of Tae Joon’s recruits.


Rounding up the crew is Kim Kwon. His impressive built body immediately calls attention. However, there seems to be a troubled expression on his character, Roy Ryu’s face. The character development of Kim is something to look out for.


The Show Runners

Leverage will be directed by Nam Ki Hoon. Together with Director Nam is writer Min Ji Hyung, who pens the drama. Leverage will air on TV Chosun starting October 13 at 9:30 pm KST.

Image credit: TV Chosun