NCT’s Doyoung To Debut As An Actor In Web Drama “Cafe Midnight”

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The long wait is finally over. NCT’s Doyoung will be debuting as an actor!

Aside from being talented in singing and dancing, NCT member Doyoung is all set to show off his acting chops as he embarks onto a brand new but exciting journey as an actor.

On February 3, through K-Dragon’s official YouTube channel, fans and viewers were surprised by the unexpected release of drama trailer for the season three of Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker.

The Perfect Student Son Ji Woo

This is Doyoung’s first-ever lead role. He will be playing the character of Son Ji Woo, a 18-year-old high school student who has the power to see the future. He is known as the perfect student for having high grades, a good personality, and perfect visuals.

Screenshot from K-Dragon’s official YouTube account

Kim In Yi will be starring as the female lead in the said series, who is a bright and beautiful high school student named Sun Min. She is known to be a close friend and a classmate of Son Ji Woo. She had her acting debut in web drama The Female Friend Among Guys and worked on various YouTube channel projects.

Screenshot from K-Dragon’s official YouTube account

Cafe Midnight is a fantasy drama that treats the viewers a story of healing and growth occurring at a cafe located in a mountain corridor in Busan. The cafe is open from midnight to sunrise, particularly what makes it strange is that it is not located on the map.

In the newly released trailer, Son Ji Woo is diligently and curiously searching for the cafe’s location. After a long night walk, at last he found the place he had been looking for. The moment he entered the cafe, a woman working inside the shop immediately recognized him.

The following clips showed that Son Ji Woo has been visiting the cafe more often as if he is curious to know something. This short yet interesting trailer arouses the viewers to think of what to look forward to in the upcoming web drama.

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