“The Silent Sea” Puts Gong Yoo & Bae Doona In A Deadly Space Mission

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Netflix reveals an eerie and intriguing sneak preview of the sci-fi series.

The Silent Sea starring an ensemble cast top-billed by Bae Doona and Gong Yoo, raises anticipation with the release of its main trailer. The series which is set in the near future follows a group of humans tasked with an important mission to the moon.

The Silent Sea

Gong Yoo stars as Team Leader Han Yun Jae while Bae Doona portrays Astrobiologist Song Jian. Also part of the elite team are Ryu Tae Suk the Head Engineer (Lee Joon), team doctor Doc Hong (Kim Sun Young), Gong Soo Hyuk (Lee Moo Saeng) the Head of Security, and Kim Hee Sun (Lee Sung Wook) the spaceship pilot.

The trailer opens up showing Earth in desolation as news reports of the water shortage airs in the background. A man approaches Song Jian asking for her help as an Astrobiologist to join an important mission to Balhae Station. Upon hearing it, she turns around wearing an ambiguous expression. The Balhae Lunar Research Station has closed down because of an incident five years ago.

The team is instructed to “retrieve an important sample in the station and return to earth.” It is proving to be a challenging mission from the get-go as the team’s spacecraft crash-lands on the moon. Despite the mishap, the team still manages to reach their destination. The group then starts exploring the base.

They discover dead bodies with unidentified causes of death as well as capture a mysterious sign of life. Song Jian starts to doubt the government’s story and the team suspects something sinister is about to happen.

With communication down and the looming danger, the team is now fighting for their survival. Capturing the viewers’ interest is the headline “A Deadly mission will uncover the darkest secrets of the Moon”. It is adding more intrigue and making the audience wonder about the mysteries the place hold. On the other hand, what is also stirring the viewers’ curiosity is whether the team can safely return to Earth.

The Silent Sea premieres worldwide on December 24, 2021 only on Netflix.

Source: Netflix PR