#HappyJungkookDay: 22 Times BTS’ Jungkook Proved He Is The Cause Of Our Euphoria

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BTS’ Jeon Jungkook is the first miracle of September – that’s it. That’s the article.

Just kidding! Although that is an indisputable fact for ARMYs all over the world, we’re here to reiterate how glad we are to have BTS’ golden maknae in our lives. He inspires us daily with his hard work and determination and has touched our lives with his light.

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Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Today (1 September 2018) marks twenty-two years of the world being blessed by this talented baby bunny. Although we could go on and on for days about the reasons why we love him, here are twenty-two times he proved he is the cause of our euphoria:

When he showed that he can turn anything negative into positive

There really are no negative vibes around this boy, for he has shown many times that he can turn any situation around into something that would make people smile. It doesn’t matter how big or small the situation is – just take BTS’ visit to a zombie house as an example – Jungkook just really reeks of positivity.

When he gives us the cutest reactions

Is there such a thing as a “reaction genius”? Because if yes, then we’re sure Kookie is a rightful recipient of that title! He has never failed to make us smile with his candid reactions – just like this one!

When he proved that he is the king of being extra

What can we say? We love a confident man!

When he doesn’t try to hide his excitement over anything

Like we’ve mentioned, this boy is a golden plethora of reactions – especially when he’s excited. We can’t count how many times our uwus had jumped out because of Jungkook’s expressions when he gets excited over anything – may it be a game, food, or something trivial.

When he shows just how much of a child he is

No matter how old Jungkook gets, we’re sure we’d always see him as a child.

… again and again.

It is during times like this that we remember how young JK was when he entered the entertainment industry, and that means he didn’t have as much time as most of us did to enjoy his youth.

When he makes the cutest blunders which just make us LOL so hard

He makes even the silliest mistakes look like the most adorable thing in the world – like, just, how?

When he does all these cute little things that make our hearts flutter

When he gave us a new tagline to get us through the day

Jungkook’s “let’s get it!” is the new “fighting!” – there, we said it.

When he suddenly makes our days brighter with just a smile

When hearing his laugh makes all our problems go away

Did you know that whenever you hear Jungkook’s laugh, ten more years get added to your lifespan? Yeah, no? Well, even if it’s not scientifically proven, it sure does feel like it!

When he makes our jaws drop with how good of a dancer he is

When he puts his whole heart in his performances

Kookie always puts his whole heart and soul in each and every performance he’s ever made – and if that doesn’t warm your heart, then we don’t know what else will.

When he showed that he’s talented in everything

A vocalist, dancer, visual, producer, videographer, and even a digital artist? Well, what can we say – we just love a well-rounded man! Jungkook has taken every single talent man could ever have – you name it and we’re sure he can do it! No wonder there weren’t any talents left for us to take anymore… LOL!

When he gets all flustered in doing aegyo

He might have been embarrassed at first… but he still managed to pull it off! In fact, his shyness made it look even cuter!

When he made this shift from a “kid” to an “adult”… in terms of aegyo

Looks like our baby’s shyness slowly disappeared as he got older – at least, in terms of doing aegyo! We just can’t figure out which one was supposed to look cuter – his aegyo as a “kid” or as an adult!

When he goofs off… by poking fun at his hyungs

Jungkook spent a huge percentage of his life with his fellow BTS members – so much that sometimes it feels as if he’s been raised by them already! He has shared several times how his hyungs had helped shape him into the person that he is now – and we didn’t know he could even mean it literally. His closeness to them had caused him to adapt parts of some of the members’ personalities AND actions – just look at his impressions of his fellow BTS members when they perform!

When he shows his love for his hyungs

When he takes care of ARMYs in all the ways he could

Jungkook has never failed to show ARMYs how special they are to him. In his own effort of giving back the love he receives from them, makes sure to take care of ARMYs in all the ways he could.

…no matter where he is.

It doesn’t matter if he’s off-stage at fan meets or on-stage while performing – he will always, always look out for his beloved ARMYs.

When he repeatedly shows how much ARMYs mean to him

We don’t think we can live without BTS or you either, Kookie!

When he reminds us all of who he is

He is, and forever will be, “Bangtan Sonyeondan golden maknae Jeon Jungkook” for us!

No words can express how much we love and appreciate the beauty in life that has manifested itself in Jeon Jungkook. He’s way more precious to us than any gold in this world – because he’s the only one who can make our days shine brighter than usual.

Remembering that our little boy has come such a long way makes us fragile anytime – and we’re so proud of him for being able to do so!

We hope he continues to serve as an inspiration to a lot of people, thanks to his big, kind heart. Although the world is no utopia, Jeon Jungkook will always be the cause of our euphoria. Happy birthday, Jungkook! 

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