ATEEZ Displays Admirable Growth By Topping The Hanteo Chart For The First Week Of March

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ATEEZ tops the Hanteo Chart for the first week of March, catching attention for their organic growth and mounting success as the sensational “global trend” here to stay.

ATEEZ celebrates a successful first week in sales following the release of their album, ZERO: FEVER Part.2. According to Hanteo Chart’s official announcement on March 8, ATEEZ topped its weekly album chart from the period of March 1 to March 7. Additionally, the group topped the Gaon Chart “Weekly Retail Album Chart” from February 28 to March 6. Their massive demand highlights the group’s tremendous selling power and demand from fans across the world.


Organic Growth

Their selling achievements also point towards their incredible organic growth since debuting. ATEEZ’s first album, TREASURE EP. 1: All To Zero, sold just over 5,000 copies during its first week sales. Moreover, the last album of ATEEZ’s “TREASURE” series, TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer, achieved just over 62,000 sales in its first week.

Now, just over two years since debuting, ATEEZ’s newest project surpassed more than 250,000 initial sales within its first week. Additionally, it surpassed more than 350,000 pre-orders. This breaks their last pre-order record with ZERO: FEVER Part 1 achieving 250,000 orders last summer. The numbers call attention to the steep growth ATEEZ achieved in an admirable amount of time.

While shocking to some, those paying careful attention to the group cannot be surprised, as their continual progress is both inevitable and natural. However, this achievement is no easy feat. ATEEZ is only the seventh of male groups to exceed 200,000 initial sales of their album, making their success even more impressive.


Industry Stand-Outs

One of ATEEZ’s most appealing traits to fans and even casual listeners is their honesty. Their epic body of work, “TREASURE”, consisted of five albums created in a span of a little more than two years. With their sincerity and the personal lyrics that connected with their fans, ATEEZ captivated with an undeniable truthfulness that shined even within the group’s many threads of story-telling and grand worldview.

Their refreshing charisma may be difficult to pinpoint in words, however, global fans resonate with their unique charms in huge numbers. ATEEZ ranked fifth in Twitter’s 2020 “Most Tweeted About Musicians In The US”. The group was in the ranks with world-renowned artists such as BTS, Kanye West, Beyonce, and Drake.

Furthermore, ZERO: FEVER Part.2 topped various iTunes charts including the “Top Album Chart” and “Worldwide iTunes Album Chart” in 36 countries. Meanwhile, their title track, “Fireworks” claimed the top spot in iTunes’ “Top Song” and “Worldwide iTunes Top Song” charts in 20 countries. As of writing, its music video surpassed more than 15,700,000 views while it swept YouTube’s video trends shortly after release.

The group’s previous “TREASURE” series focused on displaying the group’s passion and ambition. Now, ATEEZ explores the battle with oneself to overcome feverish desires in the process in “ZERO: FEVER”. Both bodies of work sympathize with youth’s modern anxieties and troubles while capturing ATEEZ’s unique musicality and identity.

As ATEEZ grows, their voices and stories reach more people. It is evident that the group is becoming a global sensation, asserting a force in the music market that cannot be underestimated.

ATEEZ will greet fans with their new music and high-quality performances during various broadcasts as they continue with album promotions.

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Image and Video Source: SBS K-POP | KQ Entertainment

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