BTOB’s Changsub Drops First Teaser + Scheduler For Upcoming Single “reissue #001 ‘SURRENDER’”

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MELODYs are in for an exciting treat from BTOB’s Changsub this September! He finally unveiled the first set of teaser for his upcoming single “reissue #001 ‘SURRENDER’”!

BTOB’s Changsub is now gearing up for another astounding comeback this September with his new single, “reissue #001 ‘SURRENDER’”.

On the evening of August 25, Cube Entertainment signaled the artist’s return through a striking, retro-themed teaser poster. This special single marks Changsub’s first release since his first solo album Mark, which was unveiled in December 2018 before the his military enlistment.

The first sneak peek is simple yet mesmerizing. The old-school car hint a memorable and exciting concept from the talented singer. The film-like effect is not only very soft on the eyes but also exudes intrigue and mystery. 

A day later, the agency revealed the album details including the start of the pre-order. Fans who will buy Changsub’s new single album will get a card holder, a PVC photo card album, a selfie photocard, a post card, and digital contents which can be accessed and viewed in the 1Takes App.

A mood spoiler also graced fans’ timelines on August 28. Three nostalgic photos featuring a speaker, a stairway, and a closed establishment further heightened fans’ excitement regarding Changsub’s upcoming release.

With this sudden announcement, expectations are now rising regarding what sound and image Changsub will deliver. 


Adding to the excitement of fans, Cube Entertainment uploaded a scheduler on August 29 for Changsub’s upcoming return. From the looks of it alone, MELODYs are in for a sweet treat starting on August 31 with the release of the first concept photo. This kind of teaser will continue until September 1.

Making the comeback even memorable, an audio snippet will come out on September 2, followed by the MV teaser on September 5. 

Changsub will release “reissue #001 ‘SURRENDER’” on September 6 at 6 PM KST.

Source: BTOB’s Twiiter

Photos from Cube Entertainment