BTS: Love can be ‘Dark & Wild’

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As BTS has completed its school trilogy with 2 Cool 4 Skool, O!RUL8,2?, and Skool Luv Affair, the group has approached a new concept for its comeback that will be dark and mature. The comeback trailer for BTS‘s Dark & Wild presents an animated storyline that coincides with Rap Monster’s lyrics which revolve around two stages of a relationship.

The beginning of the trailer takes place in a beautiful green landscape complemented with blooming roses, rocking horses, and a vibrant blue sky. The song starts off with the violin introduction for BTS‘s Boy In Luv. Rap Monster perfectly describes the “Honeymoon Phase” of a relationship as he expresses his love for a girl through lyrics such as:

“Baby you should know you change all my negatives to positives”

“Yo I’ll be different I’ll be kissin I’ll be missin’ ya all the time girl”

“Today just got a little happier than my yesterday”.

However, the video transitions into a dark terrain and space-like setting with dead trees, broken electronics, abandoned skyscrapers, explosions, and dark red-and-black items. For this portion of the song, Rap Monster describes the condition of his relationship with the girl when she stops putting in effort:

Your messages are always like “yes”, “no”, “lol”, “cya”, they are like less than 10 bytes

“You’re a goalie who lost her will and I’m Messi running on a wild plain”

“What am I to you girl what am I to you? I do love you crazy uh do you?”

Through the lyrics of the trailer’s track, love can be ‘dark & wild’, as a relationship can become progressively worse when someone stops trying. Check out the trailer below and tell us if you will be looking forward to BTS’s comeback.

[vsw id=”_3OLpHsAR54″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Photo – BTS Facebook; Video – ibighit Youtube

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