New Starship Boy Group Cravity Claims Dominance With Debut Album Teasers

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Be sure to keep in track of Cravity’s upcoming debut album HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE!

Starship Entertainment will be debuting another boy group this April 14th. Dubbed as one of the rising stars of 2020, Cravity vouches fans with stupendous charms and appeal surely hard to resist.

In preparation of the highly-anticipated launch, Cravity unveils the first teaser photo of HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.


On March 25, Cravity releases their official timeline for debut promotion.


Shortly after releasing their debut scheduler comes the launching of the prologue film teaser.

Meanwhile, on March 30, Cravity publishes the 4-minute prologue film.

Thereafter, the official track list of the album HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE was unveiled.


On April 1 till April 9, they consecutively released individual teaser photos that comes in three versions.










On April 10, the group members drop further previews of their sharp charisma and tender charms in three versions of group teaser photos.

The first photo where all the members are mainly dressed in black, clamors the group’s power and ruling this year 2020 as they make their debut. In addition, the members’ subtle sophistication in snappy black fashion is straightforward and pronounced. Notably, an unobtrusively strong emotions of the members’ disparities and specific characteristics is observed.


Likewise, the second group teaser photo claims a similar vibe with the first teaser. However, the difference is the picture backdrop which is set in an old wrecked pool captured in long shot. The sensible style of each member showcases their wonderful physique.


Lastly, the third group teaser photo make contrasting concept with the two previous images. Propelling a clean and innocent look, Cravity enchant fans with melting sweet gazes. In addition, the colorful set also signals a brilliant and fresh beginning for the group. Each radiates pure imagery which immediately draws attention yielding energetic response from fans.


On April 11, fans are hyped with an exciting and thrilling MV teaser of the album’s title track “Break All The Rules”.

Cravity spurs into the concept of 2020’s rising stars that will soon reign the hearts of many as they finishes their debut promotion.

Meanwhile, Cravity members will take the challenge on breaking the boundaries of music scene on April 14 with their debut album HIDEOUT: REEMEMEMBER WHO WE ARE.

Source PR: Starship Entertainment

Image Credits: Starship Entertainment

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