Hwang Min Hyun To Make Solo Debut With “Truth Or Lie”

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Hwang Min Hyun is bringing his multifaceted craft as an artist to an album that will show his multiple sides.

Pledis Entertainment just announced that Hwang Min Hyun is all geared up for the release of his first mini album, Truth or Lie on February 27.

Truth or Lie, follows a theme where Hwang Min Hyun through the ‘truth or lie’ game gets to know his various sides that everyone did not know about.

His agency attests to a gift the artist would bring in his new venture.

“It will be an album that contains various sides of Hwang Min Hyun that have not been known to people.”

Accordingly, the announcement also unveiled a film teaser released on his official SNS, raising the expectations of her fans.

The scene where he put his hand into the sharply broken glass created tension from the beginning of the teaser. Then, he barely peeks at a faint opening as images of melted candles swaying in the dark created a contrast. Taking out a black apple from the broken glass space decorates the end of the teaser, making people curious about the meaning behind it.

With NU’EST, it’s been 11 years since Hwang’s solo album debuted in 2012. In particular, Hwang Min Hyun, who has been active not only as an artist but also as an actor, is paying attention to what kind of new appearance he will show through this solo album.

He has released numerous singles and lent his voice to various soundtrack appearances including his last drama project in Alchemy of Souls for which he received well-deserved praises.

Currently, he is a Star Master in the entertainment show Boys Planet.

Source: Hwang Min Hyun Twitter

Photo: Pledis Entertainment