Kang Daniel Transforms Into A Charismatic Agent In A Teaser Video For New Song “Outerspace”

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DANITY sure will love this new song from the very own Kang Daniel!

Kang Daniel looks mesmerizing in the agent version of the teaser video for the new song “Outerspace” featuring rapper Loco.

Kang Daniel Transforms Into A Charismatic Agent In Teaser Video For New Song "Outerspace"

On May 10, NCSoft and Klap released a teaser video for Kang Daniel’s new song on the UNIVERSE app on its social media accounts.

Drawing attention to his charismatic aura, the well-loved soloist showed off his various charms. Proving that he is one of the most admired male artists in the K-pop industry, Kang Daniel posed his awesome transformation as an agent. Staring playfully at the camera, a mysterious creature confronted the artist wearing a monkey mask, heralding an exciting story development.

Kang Daniel Transforms Into A Charismatic Agent In Teaser Video For New Song "Outerspace"

Particularly, following the concept photos released earlier, Daniel unveils his masculine figure and various monkey montages. While these images plastered on several worldviews such as the walls of Rome, New York, Seoul, Paris, and Tokyo, fans experienced fresh and outgoing emotions.

Relatively, starting with IZ*ONE’s “D-DANCE” which was released in January, UNIVERSE has been releasing wonderful songs from the artists on the app. Additionally, the releases followed with Jo Sumi and Rain’s “Guardians” in February and Park Jihoon’s “Call U UP (feat. LeeHi) (Prod. Primary)” in March. Finally, (G)I-DLE’s “Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)” was released in April.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s “Outerspace (Feat. Loco)” will be available on various music sites on May 13 at 6PM KST. Furthermore, the full version of the music video will be released exclusively through the UNIVERSE app.

PR and Image Source: UNIVERSE