Kim Seon Ho Exudes Trendy Vibes In Dazed Korea’s February 2021 Issue

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Fans are surely captivated by these photos of Kim Seon Ho from Dazed Korea!

Rising actor and variety gem Kim Seon Ho recently graced a photo shoot with Dazed Korea.

With his undeniably charming visuals, the Start-Up actor showed his versatility as he was able to ace various trendy and vibrant outfits during the shoot.

Aside from joining the lovely pictorial, Seon Ho likewise took time to answer some questions. Asked on whether he is different from before, the actor said, I think it’s similar. Personally, there are still some things that I lack, and I consider myself as a slow person. Still, I think I’m a person who does what I want to do even if it is slow. I can be confident.”

As for his current happenings, he also gamely shared thoughts about his growing popularity.

“I am very grateful. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Am I entitled to such great attention?’ My daily life has also changed. It was unfamiliar at first, but now it is natural, but I try not to forget my gratitude so that I won’t take it for granted. It feels like I suddenly received a big gift one day? I want to keep this period in my heart and remember it,” he said.

Know more about Kim Seon Ho’s interview and see his other captivating photos through the February 2021 issue of Dazed Korea.

Source: Dazed Korea