MONSTA X’s Joohoney Is Art Personified In “PSYCHE” Concept Photos

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MONSTA X’s Joohoney unveiled some captivating concept photos which has definitely got fans psyched for PSYCHE!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney revealed riveting concept photos on his group’s official SNS ahead of his upcoming solo mixtape. The rapper looks like a breathtaking vision amidst a setting that is reminiscent of a tranquil painting. 


The photos are resplendent with warm and cool hues which only shine more so than ever as Joohoney looks show stopping in a bold black ensemble. The MONSTA X member strikes a power pose and truly embodies all that is dynamic. 


These images are idyllic as they are powerful almost as if declaring the arrival of the King himself! Moreover, the photos are somewhat poetic in their appeal – there is a certain sense of profoundness that shines through the persona of the alluring artist in each of the stills.  


Joohoney ensures that the focus is solely on him. He enthralls with his stirring gaze as he rocks his disheveled hair and smoky, dark look. To say that these concept photos are works of art would indeed be nothing but an understatement.    

The concept photos have only furthered fans’ excitements that have been at an all time high ever since the album’s announcement. Additionally, a thundering track list for the mixtape was revealed recently as well.


Joohoney’s solo mixtape will feature a total of seven songs namely “INTRO: AMBITION,” “PSYCHE,” “DIA”, “SMOKY” and “KING” . All of the tracks are produced by him along with 9F and WIZRD. 

Moreover, it will also see the participation of artists like KEEMBO and former SPICA member Boa Kim and former 4TEN member TEM on the tracks, “DARK & CLOUDY” and “WINGSUIT” respectively.

Meanwhile, Joohoney’s highly anticipated mixtape PSYCHE will be releasing on multiple music sources on October 9.

Source: Starship Entertainment