All The Reasons To Look Forward To WJSN CHOCOME Unit Debut

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Amazing skills, unusual transformation and refreshing performances; what you can look forward to in WJSN CHOCOME unit debut!

CHOCOME, the first unit formed by girl group WJSN, will be making its debut with the album “HMPH!” this October 7.


Unlike the mysterious and dreamy looks that fans are used to seeing from the ladies, the quartet is gearing up to show a different side. Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung are drawing positive response with their cute and charming appearance, and the transformation into lively girls full with energies.

WJSN debuted in 2016, showing various concepts and growth throughout the years. The four skilled and talented members formed this first unit, through which they will show more of their abilities.

Luda completes CHOCOME’s musical color with her popping voice, while Yeoreum fills the stage with her dancing skills. Then Dayoung and Soobin increase the perfection of the song with their powerful singing and refreshing vocals.

Another key point to look forward to is the cheerful retro girl concept change. In the photos revealed prior to the release of the album, the idols appeared in a colorful retro fashion. With a fresh look, they conveyed a new and humorous atmosphere.

In particular, the moving image teasers of the unit captured the wits and straightforward feeling of the title song “HMPH!”. The girls made a strong impression with their expressive facial looks and cheerful energy.


Expectations are also high for the performance based on this bright retro concept. “HMPH!” is a song that cutely expresses one’s heart to someone, who does not know it. CHOCOME will present an addictive performance with a lively dance and bold retro fashion.

The easy, fun choreography and the performance featuring powerful energy that anyone can follow will add to the song’s vitality. Fans’ excitement is rising and attention is focusing on the music the unit will bring to the K-pop scene.

Meanwhile, WJSN CHOCOME is scheduled to release its first single album HMPH! on October 7.

PR Source and Image credit: Starship Entertainment