MONSTA X’s Jooheon Announced As Newest Model Of Clothing Brand SPAO

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After taking over the music scene with his group’s latest comeback, MONSTA X’s Jooheon has recently scored a major deal with famous clothing brand SPAO!

Bringing great news to MONBEBEs around the world, MONSTA X’s Jooheon has recently been selected as the newest face of South Korean clothing brand SPAO. 


Proving his well-roundedness and great artistry, the talented and charismatic idol recently signed with SPAO as its newest exclusive model.

His agency, Starship Entertainment confirmed the news by saying, “Jooheon has been selected as the exclusive model for the SPA brand SPAO FW season run by E-Land.”

As the brand’s newest endorser, Jooheon will appear in SPAO’s various advertisements, CFs and other promotional materials. He will also carry the image of the brand and uphold its values in all of his future activities.

An official from SPAO shared, “I think Jooheon’s all-round player image, who is good at rapping, vocals, lyrics and composition, fits well with SPAO’s brand image.”

“Jooheon, who is proving her competence as an artist by releasing the title song “GAMBLER” under his name for the first time since his debut, met with Spao. We look forward to creating new synergies,” he added. The company also asked fans to look forward to their collaboration with the dazzling artist. 


In the photos released by the brand on August 2 and 3, Jooheon caught the attention of many with his endless charms and overflowing manly appeal.

Demonstrating to everyone why he is the right person for the role, the idol flaunted his flawless projecting skills and stunning facial features. The photos alone also serve as solid proof of how versatile and good-looking he is.

Even though he is wearing loose clothing pieces, anyone could not help but notice his amazing physique. He is simply a sight to behold at any angle and no matter what pose he sports.

Fans should continue visiting SPAO’s official website and SNS accounts for more updates regarding Jooheon’s new endeavor. The brand will surely release more photos of the idol wearing their new apparel and products.

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Photos from SPAO