NCT 127 Goals To Prove Their Worth In New Album “Fact Check”

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Returning to K-Pop music scene, NCT 127 is set to release its 5th full-length album on October 6.

Fact Check consists of nine songs including the title song of the same name. It is expected to show the expanded musical colors of the group.

The title song “Fact Check” is a dance song with an Afro rhythm added to a strong main synth loop. The lyrics, which compare NCT 127 to ‘works’ and ‘wonders’ that have eternal value in themselves, contain a confident attitude that alludes to how they are unwavering. There is no longer anything to be afraid of and they are doing well.

Additionally, on September 18, the mood sampler “Check the facts” highlighting the members’ image was released through NCT 127’s official SNS channel.

The members were bathed in the spotlight on the blue carpet, captivating everyone’s attention with their flashy and charismatic visuals.

Previously, NCT 127 released a surprise video announcing the comeback of the regular 5th album at the NCT group concert NCT NATION: To The World held on August 26.

NCT 127 recorded a global hit for each song they released, such as “2 Baddies”, “Ay-Yo”, “Sticker”, and “Kick It”.

As they are proving the status and power of a representative K-pop group, this album is also expected to show an unstoppable move to captivate the world with unique music color and superb performance.

Meanwhile, NCT 127’s 5th full-length album Fact Check will be released in its entirety on various music sites on October 6th at 1 pm.

Source: xportsnews

Photos: SM Entertainment