On Hellokpop Playlist: Kang Daniel Spins A Mystifying Tale With “PARANOIA”

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“You can run, you can hide but they always find” – Kang Daniel warns as he brings forth a spine-tingling masterpiece with his latest release!

Kang Daniel recently unveiled his much-anticipated release titled “PARANOIA”. The alluring artist expressed a cryptic worldview reflective of the theme of the track in a very captivating way, not just through its gripping lyricism but also through a cinematic music video as well.

The music video sees a perturbed Kang Daniel unleashing not just his fatal charms but also showcasing a darker side to himself through a theatrical narrative.

Through and through the music video is nothing short of a visual treat! Not only does it dazzle viewers with the soloist’s sultry looks, but also with its blockbuster scale backdrops that are filled with symbolisms of the track’s innate message.

Kang Daniel

Breathing life into lines like “In a space without a single light/ When the darkness comes/ I lay expressionless, again and again”, Kang Daniel displays a stirring story which feels almost personal specially with the way he conveys it through his expressions and demeanor through the video.

Stills of the vocalist crouching under the table whilst crying, his fear-ridden features all the way leading up to him coming face to face with his paranoia towards the end and ‘winning’ the battle against it in a sense, all capture the essence of “PARANOIA” in a very dynamic yet distinctive way and with élan at that.

Moreover, “PARANOIA” highlights Kang Daniel’s ever evolving musical genius in the finest way. Having written the lyrics himself, it showcases the experiences of pain and conflict of the artist in an authentic as well as aesthetic fashion.

Maximizing the effect of the power-packed track is its hauntingly beautiful melody composed of heavy drum sounds, synth, and reverberating 808 bass. Kang Daniel’s lulling vocals only further the overall enigmatic vibe of the song.


The song is an absolute banger with stellar moments embedded through its length.

One of the stand out instances is definitely the part that sees an impassioned Kang Daniel singing, “Cover your eyes/ Demons in the night/ Paranoia/ Don’t you look behind”. Going from soft tones to a straight up feral growl within the short pre-chorus is enough to leave listeners speechless in awe.

Kang Daniel

Overall, Kang Daniel unquestionably redefines versatility with this lethal number. “PARANOIA” is a track that not only proves the singer’s mettle as an ace artist, but is also one that is a definite ear worm which makes quite a resounding statement to simply say so!

Images and Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment