This Is What Today Yerin Would Say To Her Past Self From 10 Years Ago

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All in Yerin’s recent interview pictorial with 1st Look Magazine.

Yerin left fans and spectators in awe as she flaunts a stylish and untouchable aura in her recent 1st Look Magazine photoshoot. While donning various voguish outfits, the charming idol paid great homage to K-Pop icon Lee Hyori, with her alluring looks and jaw-dropping physique.


Shot against plain settings, Yerin displays her lovely and enticing aura as she struck different cool poses that fit the pictorial concept.

Further drawing attention with her gorgeous make-up look and hairstyle, the idol also demonstrated her amazing projecting skills. While sporting a deep and unpredictable gaze, she showed off her ability to pull off any style, especially a highly fashionable one. Her flawless facial features are simply a sight to behold. 

Yerin definitely created a daring yet modish ambiance through outfits that highlight her amazing curves and figure. The photoshoot is indeed a memorable one given that Yerin was able to perfectly reinterpret Hyori’s photoshoot years back, but with her own touch and charms.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, Yerin opened up about what Lee Hyori means to her as both an idol and a regular individual.

She said, “Can you tell me one more strange thing? I did a cover stage for Hyori Lee sunbaenim’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ at a concert long ago. I’ve never shown it before. I was surprised that they were doing another homage pictorial like this.”

When asked what she would say to her past self from 10 years ago, the idol stated, “I want you to trust you more without noticing others. I was a passive child with no presence at school. So I want to tell you not to notice.”

BUDDYs can know more about Yerin’s extraordinary photoshoot and learn more about her fun interview by grabbing a copy of the latest issue of 1st Look. Fans can also check out magazine’s official website and social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 

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Photos from 1st Look Magazine