TREASURE Signals Grand Debut With First Set Of Stunning Teasers

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These recently released photos of TREASURE are really eye-catching!

Hyping up fans for their grand arrival on August 7, the newest South Korean boy group TREASURE has released several captivating teasers.

Earlier today, YG Entertainment delighted fans by dropping the first set of intro posters of the rookies. The initial batch featured Hyun Suk, Junkyu, and Jung Hwan in pink background. Meanwhile, Jihoon, Haruto, and Jeong Woo appeared in the second batch with a blue backdrop.

Hyun Suk

Starting to excite fans, the boy group signaled their highly-awaited entrance through the first intro poster starring Choi Hyun Suk. He is the loving eldest and charismatic co-leader of TREASURE.


Next up to star in the stunning sneak peek is TREASURE’s charming member Junkyu. He is well-loved by many for his adorable antics and equally appealing looks!

Jung Hwan

The third teaser featured TREASURE’s visual-blinding maknae So Jung Hwan. The young-blooded idol is best known for his mesmerizing dance skills.


Starring in the fourth intro poster is the other leader of TREASURE – Jihoon. With his bright and energetic vibes, he’s undeniably one of the mood makers of their group.


Making the fifth teaser extra captivating is the group’s trendy rapper Haruto. He is one of the four Japanese members of TREASURE.

Jeong Woo

Going a bit stylish this time, TREASURE’s chaotic but loveable member Park Jeong Woo decorates the sixth intro poster.

Fans should stay tuned for the upcoming teasers of TREASURE’s other members, namely, Yoshinori, Mashiho, Jae Hyuk, Asahi, Yedam, and Doyoung.

Source and Photo Credits: YG Entertainment