Weki Meki Says Goodbye with Powerful Final Single “CoinciDestiny”

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Just when you thought the tears had dried, Weki Meki pull heartstrings one last time with an emotional pop farewell.

After almost seven years together, K-pop girl group Weki Meki has released their final single, “CoinciDestiny,” a soft and sweet pop song, along with an emotional music video marking the end of their journey as a group. Rather than the high-energy dance track fans may have expected, “CoinciDestiny” is a poignant sendoff that showcases gorgeous vocals and tight harmonies one last time.

The MV for “CoinciDestiny” is set in a bright, sun-soaked summer aesthetic, with the members frolicking together in floral outfits. The wistful, nostalgic vibe is beautifully captured as they spend these final moments in each other’s company. However, the mood takes a melancholy turn when two of the members come across a mysterious note that simply reads, “Go back to start,” leaving them confused about what this means for their future.

It’s an emotional gut-punch for fans when the members sing the lyric, “We were meant to be, for eternity” as the reality of Weki Meki’s disbandment hits. Since their debut in 2017 with “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend,” the groundbreaking group carved out a unique space for themselves as creative innovators who blended diverse musical influences into their distinctive K-pop sound.

As we bid farewell to these queens of cool after leaving such a lasting impact, it’s heartbreaking to see them go their separate ways. We can only hope the members find success and creative fulfillment in their future endeavors, wherever the mysterious “go back to start” note may lead them next.

Though Weki Meki is no more, “CoinciDestiny” ensures their legacy burns bright. Thank you for six incredible years of visionary artistry and for daring to be original trendsetters until this beautifully bittersweet ending. You will be deeply missed.

Image and Video Credits: Fantagio