Weki Meki To Gift Fans With Last Song Before Disbanding

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Weki Meki will bid their final farewell to their fans through a special track.

On June 12, Weki Meki will release their last new digital single, ”CoinciDestiny”, before disbanding.

The announcement was accompanied by a photo of the eight members holding hands and running through a green meadow, enjoying their time together.

The caption, ‘Forever remembering us who met by chance, dreamed of fate, and shone brightly,’ poignantly marks their final message to fans.

The title ‘CoinciDestiny’ combines ‘Coincide’, meaning ‘meet’, and ‘Destiny’, meaning ‘fate’, signifying that although their meeting was by chance, it was destined.

This reflects Weki Meki’s deep connection with their fans.

This release marks their first complete group song in 2 years and 7 months.

Since their debut in 2017, Weki Meki has consistently demonstrated their unique style, concept versatility, and broad musical range through various activities.