WJSN’s Yeonjung Reveals A Riveting Rendition Of BTS’ “FAKE LOVE”

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WJSN’s Yeonjung truly captures hearts with this ‘love’ly cover indeed!

WJSN’s Yeonjung has revealed her unshakable singing skills and strong stage presence with this rendition, despite being the youngest performer in Group C as a contestant in MBN’s entertainment program Lotto Singer.

Yeonjung delivered a prepossessing performance of the track “FAKE LOVE” by BTS. Adding a sense of tranquility in the otherwise intense track, the songstress looked stunning in a white dress. She gave the fiery number an emotional spin while leaving listeners awed with her dulcet vocals. 

The moment the WJSN member began singing, she captured the full attention of the cast with her soulful reinterpretation. It further included an evocative dance break as well. The performance brought forth a poignancy with her powerful singing style, and she concluded the stunning stage with an electrifying performance that brought the lyricism of “FAKE LOVE” to life.

Seeing Yeonjung’s performance, the cast praised her, saying, “It’s great to see that someone born in 1999 is such a great vocalist”, adding “We want to see the stage one more time.”


Yeonjung performed a perfect interpretation with not only excellent vocal skills, but also with her dynamic dance on Lotto Singer. She is the main vocalist of WJSN with a clear and cool voice. The singer has not only showcased her musical prowess within the group in depth, but also as an OST singer for several popular dramas. She has left listeners awestruck with her expressive singing style on multiple occasions as well.

The WJSN member has also participated in various music survival programs other than Lotto Singer, and has been recognized as a vocalist. Having showcased such a spectacular performance, expectations are undoubtedly on the rise for her stage in the next broadcast.

Meanwhile, Lotto Singer airs every Saturday on MBN at 8:45 PM KST. 

PR | Images Source: Starship Entertainment