ITZY Talks About Their Exceptional Teamwork + Message Behind Songs In Elle Korea Feature

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Shining girl group ITZY effortlessly show off their warm and unparalleled friendship in their newest interview pictorial with Elle Korea!

ITZY unleashed their respective sophisticated looks, while confidently showcasing lovely sisterhood in their latest photoshoot with top magazine Elle Korea.

ITZY Elle Korea

In the recent pictorial released, the talented girl group showed off a vibrant image while garbed in cozy and sophisticated winter puffed coats. Shot against neutral-toned settings, the charming idols further aced the pictorial concept with their posh yet simple hairstyles and natural make-up looks.

With their versatile facial expressions, ITZY also effortlessly drew attention with their loving and mesmerizing gestures and enthralling auras. Moreover, the photoshoot also featured special pieces from luxury fashion brand, Burberry, which makes it even more grand and special.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the group spoke candidly about their continuous passion to grow together as artists.

Expressing her admiration to their dynamic and teamwork, Yeji said, “When I check out the overall picture [created] by the five members, I feel good when it feels that [we] have finished it well.”

Meanwhile, Lia, who has been blessing fans ears with her top-tier vocals every comeback, disclosed that she wants to excel more at her craft by paying attention to her tone.

“I am the type who feels touched by the expressive power of vocal colors and voices, so I pay attention to my one vocal color,” she said.

Speaking briefly about ITZY’s honest and confident tracks, the group’s main dancer Chaeryeong shared, “Our lyrics can be an essential and important message for someone to live [on].”

When asked about her thoughts about her work and life in general, Yuna mentioned that living an honest life is what makes her most confident and free.

“As long as I do my best at the things given to me, I believe I can protect my self-esteem,” she added.

Fans can see more sensational photos and know more about ITZY’s interview in the December 2020 issue of Elle Korea, its official website and social media channels.

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