Wonho Prepares To Release His 1st Single Album “OBSESSION”

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This is not a drill – Wonho is on his way to make his grand comeback with a brand new release that is sure to leave everyone obsessed!

Wonho is all set to delight Wenees across the globe with his silvery vocals and show-stopping style on his upcoming first single album. The ace artist took to his official SNS to unfold a coming soon poster for his forthcoming release OBSESSION and it is absolutely eye-catching, to simply say so. 


The image is as fantastic as it is fascinating. The vivid hues of purple, black, and gold add a touch of magnificence to the metaphysical.

Furthermore, its imagery complete with elements such as an eye and the two moons definitely sparks up the curiosity for what kind of concept and color the charming idol will unravel. 

It goes without saying that the expectations for Wonho’s upcoming comeback are soaring through the roof and with good reason. 

Since his debut, the sweet singer has swayed listeners with his diverse range of musical spectra. From stirring hearts with an emotive “Losing You”, to making Wenees want to ‘party all night long’ with “BLUE”, the loveable artist has redefined versatility with each track.

Moreover, he also solidified his potential as a powerhouse artist. The soloist achieved various smashing feats such as winning the Best Musician Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. In addition to that, he has also topped various music charts across the globe with each of his albums.

Wonho has unquestionably spotlighted that not only is he a musical genius, but also a force to be reckoned with. 


Wonho will be making his highly anticipated comeback with his first single album titled OBSESSION soon. No further details of the same have been revealed at the time of writing, so stay tuned for more updates. 

Images Credits To: Highline Entertainment

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