Wonho Features On The Cover Of TIDAL’s “K-Pop Cross” Playlist

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Wonho truly adorns the title of global idol and this latest feature just celebrates the same!

Wonho looks like the ultimate scene stealer as he appears on the cover of TIDAL’s K-Pop Cross playlist. The list spotlights some stellar collaborations between K-Pop idols and artists across the globe as well some K-pop cuts in English. 


The playlist highlights not just one, but two amazing tracks from Wonho’s recent comeback album. The playlist features the English version of his sultry lead track “Lose”. It also includes the cheeky and captivating collaboration track with the talented American songstress Kiiara titled, “Ain’t About You”. 

Both the tracks stand as a true testament of the sweet soloist’s creativity and visionary style. While “Lose” sees Wonho channeling a fiery ferocity, “Ain’t About You” sees him showcase a more flirty side to himself. One thing that remains the same however, in both the songs is the superlative musical genius of the pathbreaking artist.  

With his two solo albums unveiled so far, Wonho has been evidently raising the bar as a multifaceted musician. Each of his releases have proved his mettle as an all-round artist through his eclectic mix of tunes ranging from electro-pop to soft piano based melodies.  

Moreover, Wonho has also been proving that he is indeed the ultimate English king. And it is not only through his dynamic discography but also his striking song covers. Particularly, the idol recently revealed a clip of his version of Billie Eilish’s tranquil track “i love you” on his official YouTube channel. 

The title of Eilish’s track is certainly the phrase that probably what every Wenee across the globe was thinking about while listening to Wonho’s serene rendition. The singer’s dulcet vocals paired his striking visuals unquestionably evoked quite the ambient vibe. 

The video can certainly be taken as a teaser to Wonho’s upcoming live stream concert, giving viewers a glimpse into what they can expect to see during the event.


Meanwhile, Wonho is all set to interact with his adorable fans through his second online solo concert. WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #WENEEDLOVE will take place on LiveXLive. It will be held on March 28 at 12 PM KST and on March 27 at 11 PM EDT. Fans can purchase tickets for the same here.

Images Credits To: Highline Entertainment | TIDAL