Yoon Ji Sung Makes Solo Debut With Solemn Music Video For “In The Rain”

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It’s definitely raining tears over here as Yoon Ji Sung says sorry in his solo debut music video!

Yoon Ji Sung is all on his own as he makes his solo artist debut with “In the Rain” on February 20!

Screengrab from Yoon Ji Sung Official

Taking the lead in holding solo debuts among his former groupmates, Yoon Ji Sung dropped his emotional first solo music video at 6 PM KST.

Showcasing the heart-wrenching “In the Rain”, made tears fall easily for fans who got swayed by the emotions portrayed by the vocalist.

With a tender tune, “In the Rain” begins with a piano accompaniment. Ji Sung expresses the pain of a loved one walking away. Inevitably, he shatters our hearts piece by piece as he repeatedly says “I’m sorry,” throughout the song with hurt and sadness lacing from his voice.

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Matching the song’s ballad genre, his sweet and mellow voice drifts in heartfelt emotion. Moreover, its aim of making listeners feel the longing, pain, and loneliness as expressed by the lyrics is deftly imparted.

The music video also didn’t fall short in terms of the aesthetic game with its wonderful color palettes. For some reason though, we seem to be reminded of previous Wanna One music videos with some shots. Hence, we can’t help but melt as we think of the song as an ode to his former group.

Watch the music video for “In the Rain” by Yoon Ji Sung below: 

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