A.C.E Byeongkwan Joins Lauv’s “Breaking Modern Loneliness” Panel For World Mental Health Day

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Kim Byeongkwan of A.C.E shares K-Pop hardships for World Mental Health Day on Lauv’s Breaking Modern Loneliness Panel!

Byeongkwan from the talented group A.C.E joined a moving panel with global musicians and mental-health expert for World Mental Health Day. The artist gave an insight into the K-pop industry in hopes to destigmatize the held conversation on the sensitive topic.

A.C.E Byeongkwan

Introduction to the panel

In honor of World Mental Health Day 2020, A.C.E’s Kim Byeongkwan offered a rare opportunity to learn about the mental health struggles of his industry. That was part of a virtual panel from singer-songwriter Lauv’s Breaking Modern Loneliness: Conversations on Mental Health presented by his Blue Boy Foundation and powered by Microsoft.

It was moderated by Dr. Raghu Appasani, a psychiatrist and founder and CEO of The Minds Foundation. That is an organization created with the vision to provide worldwide access to mental-health resources.

The panel also featured India’s Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Maalavika Manjoj (better known as Mali), as well as New Zealander pop performer Paige. They also shared their own unique insights on this relatable topic.

Lauv opened the panel with a video message saying:

“I’m excited to share with you guys this panel. It’s called Finding Mental Health in Community. On the panel today we have Raghu Appasani of the Minds Foundation, Kim Byeongkwan, Maalavika Manjoj and Paige, here to share their experiences with mental-health struggles and what they’ve learned.

Hope you guys enjoy. Remember, if you’re struggling or need someone to talk to, there are a ton of resources at Don’t hesitate to reach out. Peace.”

Byeongkwan’s input on the topic

A.C.E member Byeongkwan shared the struggles he faced not only as a K-pop performer, but also as a human. He revealed seeing many of his close friends he confided in, go abroad to study, while he pursued his dreams in Korea.

The idol further opened up by stating he wants to appear strong for his fans. The performer also shared, “Generally, in Korea, we are not open about mental health. It will be better when we can be open together and talk freely”.

Byeongkwan’s message on the topic and to people who have a hard time:

“Today is World Mental Health Day and we’re celebrating by sharing our stories and experiences as part of Breaking Modern Loneliness. It’s so important that we prioritize our mental health because it is an important start in taking care of yourself.

One of the most helpful things in my life for managing mental health is to open up myself to family, close friends and my A.C.E members. You don’t have to struggle in silence. I want to tell you it’s OK not to be OK, but everyone should explore what works best for them. Happy World Mental Health Day.”

You can check out the full video below!

Lauv and the Blue Boy Foundation

Lauv saw an opportunity back in 2019, to use his voice to send a message of positivity and give insight for a cause important to him. As someone who struggles with mental illness himself, the artist wanted to develop a non-profit foundation, devoted to raising funds and awareness around mental health, and the stigma of asking for help.

The Blue Boy Foundation supports initiatives which help young people feel more comfortable reaching out for mental health care. It also guides them to feel better equipped to help friends get connected with care.

In partnership with Microsoft and the Blue Boy Foundation, Lauv also created this global platform derived from the original box of notes. This new iteration can be accessed both online and in the form of physical booths on his recent tour dates.

In 2020 and beyond, the Blue Boy Foundation plans to take this initiative to the next level. It will aim to partner with mental health non-profits and create a direct call to action for those who may need additional support.

You can visit My Blue Thoughts‘ toolkit for Breaking Loneliness for mental-health sources including those geared to today’s COVID-19 pandemic:

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