Korean Unscripted Series “Agents of Mystery” by the Producer of ‘The Devil’s Plan’ Premieres June 18

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Are you a fan of solving mysteries?

From Jeong Jong-yeon, the creative mind behind The Devil’s Plan, The Great Escape, and High School Mystery Club, comes a new Korean unscripted series, Agents of Mystery.

Premiering on June 18, Agents of Mystery combines brain games and teamwork with six unique agents — Lee Yong Jin, John Park, Lee Eun Ji, Lee Hyeri, Kim Do Hoon, and Karina. The series is set in intricately designed large-scale sets, and fans can catch a glimpse of the upcoming adventures in a teaser video.

Featuring a mix of comedians and singers, the six agents are transported to secret locations where they must solve cases and complete missions using their combined wits. Their teamwork and problem-solving abilities will be put to the test amid a backdrop of mysteries and clues.

Meet the Agents

  • Lee Yong Jin: A seasoned comedian and singer, this Baeksang Arts Award-winner leads the group with his humor and surprising wisdom.
  • John Park: A Korean-American R&B artist and reality TV veteran, John brings sharp reasoning and strategic skills to the team.
  • Lee Eun Ji: The 2023 Baeksang Arts Award winner for Best Female Variety Performer, Eun-ji adds vibrant personality and comedic talent to the mix.
  • Lee Hyeri: Known for her role in ‘Reply 1988,’ this beloved actress and variety star brings her bubbly personality to the show.
  • Kim Do Hoon: The breakout star from Disney+’s ‘Moving,’ Kim Do-hoon is a quick-thinking newcomer to reality TV.
  • Karina: The fearless leader of Aespa, Karina showcases her bravery and resourcefulness, ready for any challenge.

Join these incredible agents as they uncover the mysteries in ‘Agents of Mystery,’ streaming from June 18, exclusively on Netflix.

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