BBCs Celebrate Block B’s 4th Anniversary with #4YearsOnTheBlock on Twitter​

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14 April is definitely a special date to Block B and BBCs (the official fanclub name), because it is the day when Block B make its debut into the music scene.

Block B made its debut on this day with ‘Freeze’ four years ago. The boy group has came a long way and today, 14 April is their 4th year of anniversary since debut!

To commemorate this day, fans from around the world have come together to celebrate this important milestone. Fans took it to Twitter to celebrate with the use of hashtag #4YearsOnTheBlock. With the hashtag, fans also shared their favorite moments, videos, photos and art drawings of the boys.

Happy 4th anniversary to Block B!

20150415_blockb_1 20150415_blockb_2

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