BTOB concludes first showcase in Indonesia

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On the 21st of June, BTOB successfully held their first showcase BTOB Live in Jakarta 2012, in Indonesia, at the Grand Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The anticipated event and the possibility of catching a glimpse of the band enticed fans to arrive at the venue location early in the morning.

A Cube Entertainment representative stated:

“BTOB held an interview to celebrate its first visit to the country with main media outlets in Indonesia before the showcase. The interview session brought in many music critics and expert journalists, and they evaluated BTOB to ‘soon be popular in Indonesia just three months since its debut, and to be ‘a band that can mature to perform various genres.'”

The showcase attendees included 350 fans selected through a lottery and 150 officials from various local entertainment companies. Seven lucky fans received the opportunity of having access to the stage to learn BTOB’s choreography, as well as dance with the singers. Satisfied with the outcome of the showcase, BTOB shared:

“We feel whenever we come on stages like this that we can say what we want to say through music and dance. It’s our first time in Indonesia, but we’re energized by the cheers as hot as the weather. We want to hold a concert with more fans soon.”

BTOB’s showcase will be broadcast in Indonesian, as well as on various South-east Asian television stations through the Indonesian channel, ONE. The band returned to Korea on the 23rd June 23.

Source and photo: enewsWorld

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