BTS Reveal Their MV Making Process Through “ON Commentary Film: Dialogue”

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“ON” Commentary Film: Dialogue gives a peek on the behind-the-scenes of the creative works involved in BTS’ music.

Music connects people irrespective of language, culture or any other boundaries, and BTS is a living example of this. A documentary about the group’s new album production was released, which captures the thoughts of the people who have collaborated with BTS in their creative process.

On February 22, BTS dropped “ON” Commentary Film: Dialogue on their official YouTube channel and fan community platform BTS Weverse. The 18-minute video consists of the making process of “ON” title song of BTS’ latest album Map Of The Soul: 7, and features the music director, recording engineer, UCLA marching band, and gospel choir who participated in the creation of Map Of The Soul: 7.

BTS ON Commentary Film: Dialogue
The “ON” Commentary Film: Dialogue also includes interviews of these people, who narrate the story of the power of BTS music and the positive impact of music.

Musicians and marching bands, who participated in the title song “ON” takes the viewers through the various walks of BTS, who have become icons of diversity. According to them, BTS and marching bands resemble each other in the sense that they gather together to make great music and want to give people happiness through performances.

Talking about BTS, one of the interviewees said “BTS’ song is truly heartfelt. They transcend language and communicate with songs.”

The performers confessed what music means to them and said that music has a healing power which transforms people, unites people, and empowers them to move forward. They also said that the music of BTS has such power.

BTS ON Commentary Film: Dialogue

This documentary also features some of the clips of the BTS members from their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour last year at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. In that video, leader RM is seen talking about how music transcends languages and culture.

Additionally, a video clip which captured the recording process of “Danger”, the title track of BTS’ first regular album Dark & Wild released in 2014, was also inserted. The studio, where the members were recording at that time, is the same place where the artists featured in this documentary were working.

BTS has already released a number of documentaries, which includes BTS: Burn The Stage and Bring The Soul: Docu-Series. After this, the group will also release a special documentary that will take a look back at their music.

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