C-Clown snaps a photo with Jay Park

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C-Clown took a photo with Jay Park at the backstage of Music Core.

Jay Park and C-Clown have returned to the music scene recently with their own tracks, Joah and Shaking Heart respectively. During the Music Core on April 20, both artists took a good opportunity to snap a photo together.

C-Clown’s official Twitter account shared the photo with words ‘[Translation] C-CLOWN Romey’s idol Park Jaebum-sunbaenim. C-CLOWN gifted Park Jaebum-sunbaenim with a signed 3rd mini-album #씨클라운_흔들리고있어 CD^.~ Please send a fighting to both C-CLOWN and their sunbaenim^.~ We like sunbaenim♥.♥ #씨클라운 #흔들리고있어”.

In the photo, Jay is seen posting with the boys and autographed Shaking Heart album in his hands.

Leader Rome has once revealed that he looks up to Jay Park in an interview.

Sources: CCLOWNofficial

Photo: CCLOWNOfficial Translation: CClown120719

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