Elhae Shows Love For MONSTA X With Soulful Cover Of “Who Do U Love?”

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As a token of his appreciation for both MONSTA X and Monbebes, Elhae has left everyone with his beautiful rendition of “Who Do U Love?”

American singer-songwriter Elhae shows his heartwarming friendship with MONSTA X again as he shares a delightful cover of their latest single!

Monsta X

From MONSTA X’s I.M being a huge fan of him, to him collaborating with the rapper for a track, and now to doing a cover of a MONSTA X song – Elhae’s history with the group has definitely been rolling into an even nicer ride as time goes by.

Recently, the singer-songwriter shared his very own rendition of the boy group’s latest full English single “Who Do U Love?” through his official Twitter account.

Upon its posting, Elhae’s cover captured the attention of many fans, especially with its soulful R&B take on the powerful track from MONSTA X.

Prior to the full cover upload on August 15 KST, the singer gave fans a peek at his rendition of the track by sharing a fourteen-second clip of him giving the single a shot.

On August 13, he also teased fans about his upcoming gift by announcing it on his official Twitter account – of course, after telling I.M about it!

The upload of his song cover comes shortly after he paid the group a visit during their concert in Atlanta as part of the 2019 WE ARE HERE World Tour.

Besides sharing snapshots from their joyful reunion, I.M also expressed his delight over the singer setting aside time to watch their concert live.

The two earlier worked together for the MONSTA X rapper’s latest solo mixtape track “Horizon”, which is a collaboration I.M takes pride in as it was made possible by Monbebes.

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