GOT7 Members Become Bakers for a Day for Fans

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Nothing beats the cold weather like a steaming cup of coffee with some freshly-baked pastries on the side. But what if we threw GOT7 into that mix?

5 members of GOT7 – JB, Junior, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom, transformed into patissiers for a day for the group’s ‘HAPPY MERRY BAKERY’ event for their fans. Unfortunately, Mark was unable to attend due to having caught the flu.

Dedicated fans lining up in the cold to see GOT7!

Dedicated fans lining up in the cold to see GOT7! Image Credit: JYP Entertainment / Naver

Despite the cold weather, hundreds of fans lined up at the Tous Les Jours bakery in Gangnam to purchase the sweet goodies from their idols.

Not only were they bakers for a day, the members also took charge of sales too. JB was in charge of Cheese bread, Bambam for Organic Milk bread, and Youngjae for Chocolate bread. The members had a competition amongst themselves to see who had the highest volume of sales by the end of the event. Fans who purchased pastries were able to participate in a lucky draw event. The winner received a cake decorated by the members themselves as well as being able to take a photograph with the boys.

In related news, GOT7’s holiday-themed single, Confession Song, has hit a million views in less than a day after its release.

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