Irene and Seulgi Captivate In Their Gleaming Teaser Images For “Monster”

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Red Velvet’s newest sub-unit, Irene and Seulgi, portray their femme fatale in teaser images for their upcoming track!

Following the announcement of their sub-unit, Irene and Seulgi have summoned intense excitement around their debut track, “Monster”. Their teaser images are a stark difference from Red Velvet’s many eclectic, cute concepts. Instead, Irene and Seulgi are serving sleek dominating presences in their latest image teasers.

Irene & Seulgi

With their piercing gazes, fierce poses, and strong makeup looks, fans are excited to witness the duo showcase their edgier sides in their unit comeback. The styling for their concept images, in addition to their forceful presence, hints towards a more mature sound.

Irene & Seulgi

Furthermore, the sub-unit exudes chilling auras in their subsequent glossy photoshoot. Boasting lustrous long locks and eerie stares, Irene and Seulgi’s newest project promises a darker turn than their usual music.

The recent mood sampler unveiled across Red Velvet’s SNS channels sets the tone for their approaching mini-album. The video features mysterious shots of the pair posing and whispering to one another in luxurious outfits, as a sensual instrumental beat plays in the background.


For many, this comeback is equal parts exciting and sentimental. Seulgi spent numerous years training at SM Entertainment, joined soon after by Irene. As a result, the duo shares a sister-like bond. Fans cannot wait to see how the pair’s friendship and complementary talent will shine in their newest project together.

The duo’s project marks the first sub-unit release from Red Velvet thus far.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

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