Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang To Collaborate On A Duet Song

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Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang surprise their fans with an announcement of new music they will work on together!

Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang are former members of X1, which debuted on 27 August 2019.

Both singers started their solo career after January 6, when the group had disbanded due to not being able to reach an agreement following the Produce 101 vote manipulation controversy.

Kim Woo Seok released his solo debut single on May 25 with his mini-album 1st Desire: Greed, with the title song “Red Moon”. He is constantly involved in various projects like entertainment and advertising projects. Recently, he starred in a web series produced by Playlist Studio “Twenty Twenty”, as the lead character – Lee Hyun-jin.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun Sang released his solo debut album and title track Beautiful Scar on August 31. He is focused on his career as a singer and is actively pursuing activities and projects in that field. He is set to hold a special meeting online, titled Beautiful Sky, with his fans on October 24.

The impromptu collaboration surprised both fans of the aforementioned singers.

Reunited for a special song project

On October 7, Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang posted photos on their Instagram accounts spending time with each other. They tagged each other in the posts and wrote “201014” in the caption. Fans were quick to notice this detail as both of them were hinting at a possible project together.

They posted different photos on their accounts. Kim Woo Seok posted a wide-shot, where both of them are sitting on the rooftop and looking at the sky. While Lee Eun Sang flaunted a warm-hearted two-shot front and back images hugging each other.

On October 8, it was confirmed that the two would be releasing a duet together. It will be released as a digital single on October 14 at 6 p.m. KST.

Officially affirming their upcoming collaboration, they both tweeted released news articles about their song.

Both tweeted with the caption “[#이은상 ] Kim Woo-Seok x Lee Eun-sang, surprise duet song released on the 14th… Warm Two Shot [Official Position] 

The two singers had built their friendship like family during their time as X1 members. It further created a remarkable friendship. Their bond is what has excited many global fans for their collaboration, the duet will be released on October 14, 6 P.M. KST virtually on all music streaming sites. 

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