LOONA Reveals Track List And Teasers For Comeback Mini Album “12:00”

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LOONA sets to explore a new world as they count down to their music return!

The girl group releases their third mini album 12:00 on October 19 at 6pm KST. They unveiled their teaser poster with the caption “Into the loonatheworld” that formally launches their website containing their history and updates for the latest album. The theme is dark and majestic, which gives a sense for fans on what to expect for their upcoming album.


Loona Teaser

On September 24, LOONA revealed its album track list on September 24, which includes the following:

Loona Track List

The girls also revealed their concept photo of LOONAWORLD, which is a hippie type of theme to look forward to.

Loona Concept Photo

Loona Concept Photo

The group went on to release concept photos of the individual members in a fairyland theme, which creates the image of their LOONAWORLD. Their theme surrounds the hippie era, thus their outfits sends a total boho type of look.

Go Won




Olivia Hye






Kim Lip

Source: LOONA Twitter