K-Pop Music Spotlight: GHOST9 Impresses With A Thunderous Debut Through 1st Mini Album “PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR”

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GHOST9 beholds power that does not disappoint, through a mini album that features both powerful and dynamic selection of songs.

Launched on September 2020, the rookie group from Maroo Entertainment, GHOST9, has finally entered the K-Pop scene. Through the release of their debut mini album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR, this group of nine multi-talented idols, has been causing intensive waves, and they claim that is just the beginning of something bigger.


PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR Comeback Timeline

Welcoming the first week of September with a bang, Maroo Entertainment has finally announced the group that they are debuting. After years and months in the making, GHOST9, signaled their grand debut through an intriguing and spooky teaser photo with a caption “coming soon”.

On the following day, September 8, Maroo released the next teaser photo that also confirms the member lineup of the group.

The nine members will consist of Hwang Dong Jun, Son Jun Hyung, both from MIXNINE, Shin, Choi Jun Seong (Produce X 101), Lee Kang Sung, and Prince. In addition, former Produce X 101 contestants and TEEN TEEN members Lee Jin Woo, Lee Woo Jin, Lee Tae Seung will also join the lineup.

From September 9 to 11, the charming boys of GHOST9 starred in their own sets of individual teasers made up of a riveting concept photo. With the first set of photos displaying an enigmatic mood, the teasers piqued fans’ curiosities even more as they continue to wait for the group’s most-awaited debut.

They picked up their debut countdown by introducing “DOOR”, the cinematic work of its debut album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR. The 16-minute cinematic video featured GHOST9 meeting their soulmate, GLEEZ, for the first time. It follows the nine boys, led by Lee Jin Woo, who witnessed an abnormal phenomenon on Earth. After facing the red-eyed robot, they venture together to reveal its identity.

In between releases of the teaser photos, GHOST9 has unveiled visual films that featured the close up looks of each members. Portraying a mysterious concept, the members starred in their own snippets while boldly posing for the camera.

Capping off the countdown to their debut are music video teasers and a highlight medley video that gave listeners a glimpse of music that they could look forward to hearing in their debut EP.

PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR First Impressions

Opening the album on a powerful note, “Vision” truly warrants a grand debut for the group. Accompanied by cinematic orchestra sounds, the track goes all the way to being an EDM genre that simply stuns. Though the track is one minute, it sets the tone for what listeners can look forward to hearing in the mini album.

The vibe immediately intensifies with the title track “Think of Dawn”, which clamors the group’s desire in dominating the world. With tinges of trap beats, the dark and mysterious concept of the song was accentuated by an aggressive synth tosses that build up the energy. While dominated by almost rap lines, vocals are all impressive. Not to mention the dubstep drop part!

When you thought the previous tracks has the most powerful beats, “Reborn” proves everyone wrong. It continues picking up the energy provided by the title track through more compelling EDM elements. This track further highlights the voices of the members, where we can hear their vocalists belting some high notes.

Without losing the spirit felt in their previous tracks, “It’s gonna be hot” swerves into more groovy style. This dance track gives pop rock vibes that is both exciting and fantastic. Personally, so far, I am loving this track the most!

Winding down into a mellow tone, “Lay back” goes smooth and poised, all while hinting a dynamic version of lo-fi and hip hop vibes.

Closing the album on a positive note is the last track “Flying at night”. The track, which brings out the sweet vocals of the members, is reminiscent of light, summery songs that are normally associated with the season. It recalls memories of having fun under the summer sun, or even in one nostalgic summer night.

“Think of Dawn” Music Video Afterthoughts

The video immediately hints a well-crafted showcase of cinematography through the futuristic elements utilized. Soon as the trap beats starts rolling, a feisty dance crew kick off and rock the stage with GHOST9, not to mention the impactful dubstep!

Set in a high-tech backdrop, the music video of “Think of Dawn” keep its viewers engaged: from its highly-arresting editing and excellent lightings, to an equal exposure of the members.

Akin with this powerful track, the music video also highlights bold and heavy choreography from the boys. It combines all components that brings out their fierce sides and a ruling future for the group.

Photos | Videos: Maroo Entertainment