Mamamoo Reveals Track List For New Album ‘Melting’

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As Mamamoo’s comeback edges closer, the girls are hyping fans up for their return with the release of Melting’s track list!

The tracklist for 'Melting' features 12 tracks. Image Source: @RBW_MAMAMOO

The tracklist for ‘Melting’ features 12 tracks.
Image Source: @RBW_MAMAMOO

The girls will be releasing their first full-length album since debut, Melting, on February 26th. Featuring 12 tracks, You’re the Best is set to be the group’s title track for this cycle of promotions.

Mamamoo’s several free pre-singles to date, such as the mellow ballad I Miss You and the hilarious hip-hop track, Taller Than You, climbed to the first spot of several music charts even without promotions. Taller Than You topped Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, and Monkey3’s real-time charts upon its release.

New concept images of Mamamoo, featuring the girls’ sweet yet chic looks, were gradually revealed on the group’s official Twitter from February 14 to 16.

After showing fans both their delicate and tough images with their pre-releases, what type of impression will Mamamoo make through You’re the Best?

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