MONSTA X, EXO’s Suho & Lay And More Korean Artists Contribute Financial Assistance For Coronavirus Prevention

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The long list of generous hearts and kindred spirits continue as Korean entertainment artists extend support in the drive to resolve the coronavirus outbreak

Shelling out 100 million, phenomenal boy group Monsta X queued their heartfelt monetary assistance through NGO Good Neighbors on February 28 for Coronavirus prevention. Notably, the members furtively sent the money without initially advising their agency. Hence, Starship Entertainment belatedly rolled it out on various media outlet.

monsta x coronavirus donation

Likewise, esteemed balladeer Park Hyo Shin donates 100 million won to Community Chest of Korea. Revealing his intention to be a pillar of strength in his own way. The proceeds of his donation will help the medical staff working hard to protect the vulnerable and low-income people affected by the covid19 viral infection.

Park’s fellow crooners Kim Bum Soo allots 100 million won to Community Chest of Korea while Hwang Chi Yeol gives 50 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. The proceeds will be used for quarantine supplies and medical assistance necessary for the prevention of corona19 in affected areas in Gyeongbuk area, including Daegu.

Park Hyo Shin coronavirus donation

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk hopes to be of great help with his donation of 100 million won through Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.

EXO’s leader Suho contributes 50 million won like TWICE member Dahyun through Community Chest of Korea. The latter delivers encouraging message to the people experiencing difficulties because of Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, EXO’s Lay also allocates 20 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. Lay expresses firm hope that the situation will get better soon.

“We are all brothers beyond blood. We are close neighbors with connected hearts. We hope to overcome difficulties together. We are brothers. We are one,” Lay said.

EXO's Lay

Lay, who is currently active in China, delivers significant donations to prevent the spread of Corona19. Earlier, fellow EXO member Chanyeol also contributed 50 million won.

Singer-actor Kim Jae Joong also forks out 30 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association on March 1.

Kim Jae Joong coronavirus donation

Rapper Loco, who currently serves his military duty, deposits 30 million won via social welfare organization, World Vision.

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Similarly, Simon Dominic also shares 50 million won through the National Disaster Relief Association on February 28.

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Images Credit: Starship Entertainment | Lee Kim Bom | SM Entertainment |C-JeS Entertainment

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