MONSTA X Plays It Cool With A Sizzling Music Video With Steve Aoki

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MONSTA X? Check. Steve Aoki? Check. The most amazing EDM track of 2019? Triple check!

MONSTA X teamed up with Steve Aoki to give its avid listeners the English version of “Play It Cool” whose Korean version was included in the boy group’s latest album Take.2: We Are Here.

Since the release of the album, the collaboration received much love from fans of both artists. The continuous hype rode the wave until the release of the English version at 6 a.m. KST on March 28.

The music video shows Steve Aoki dancing and grooving to the track while in his car — a totally relatable feat. On the other hand, MONSTA X members gave fans a parade of what a night out with them would look like.

Joohoney welcomes listeners with a captivating gaze, while Wonho and Minhyuk charm fans with their stunning visuals and vocals. Hyungwon is a feast for the eyes as he matches perfectly the elegance of their set. I.M hooks with a teasing gaze and an equally teasing lyric. Kihyun and Shownu’s mixture of vocals in the chorus proves that their voices can shine through even in an EDM track. For all the I.M fans wondering why his part was cut, enjoy his vocals at the chorus instead.

Upcoming Collaborations?

With “Play It Cool”, MONSTA X proved its growing global presence which showcases the boys’ capability to prosper in the international arena and become one of the groups who will continue the unbounded success for K-Pop in the worldwide industry.

Although there are no news for upcoming collaborations just yet following the Steve Aoki song, members of MONSTA X have had a rich history of working with other artists. Hyungwon, as DJ H.ONE, teamed up with DJ Justin Oh for “Bam Bam Bam”. Shownu lent his vocals for London-based band PREP’s “Don’t Look Back”, a jazzy R&B song with lush synths.

I.M also mentioned a possible collaboration with singer Elhae, so keep a look out for future announcements.

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